Costa Rica

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Easily accessible by a graded road dirt road from Tamarindo,  this is a great place to surf. There is a large beach with a selection of quality beach breaks and there are five different spots to surf.

At the northern end is Little Hawaii; that’s a right-hand reef break that at the right tide produce some great waves. It’s best when many other spots are closing out because it is too big. Very remote so do not get injured, and don’t leave your stuff unattended.

Golfo Persico: outside reef located in front of the parking lot. Work better with low tide rising. It’s recommended for experienced surfers.

El Estero: the bottom is rocky; it breaks best on a dead low incoming tide. With big swell it can even hold up to 10’ A frame with long rights and lefts barrels. Place very popular with the locals.

El Palo: it breaks in both directions and the bottom is sand and lava reef.

El Parqueo: similar conditions to El Palo.


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