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Esterillos Oeste

Playa Esterillos is a long and sandy stretch of beach breaks about 20 minutes south of Playa Jaco and 12 minutes south of Playa Hermosa.  There are actually three separate Esterillos consisting of Esterillos Este, Esterillos Centro and Esterillos Oeste with many spots which offer uncrowded surf.  Depending on the angle of the swell, you are nearly always guaranteed to have head high surf in one of these three locations which are each very accessible along the Costanera Highway.

The waves at Esterillos Este and Esterillos Centro are very similar to Playa Hermosa as they are strong beach breaks that can last several hundred yards breaking left or right.  When there is a big swell, this is barrel city and can be quite heavy at times so be sure to bring you’re A game.  When there is a medium sized swell from the South, these beaches offer some of the best waves in all of Central America featuring long walls of water and big barrels.

Esterillos Oeste is a softer break on the outside with an intense break on the inside.  It is common to drop in on a wave on the outside heading left and to then catch three sections until you are on the inside heading right.  A very fun wave that offers plenty in size and shape especially when there is a decent swell.  When there isn’t much of a swell, it is best to head to Esterillos Este or Centro as they always seem to be head high when Hermosa and other areas are flat.

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