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Playita Manuel Antonio, Quepos

Surfers will find several good beach breaks in the Manuel Antonio area, but they need good swell. Playita Manuel Antonio, at the northern end of that park, is another beach break with the most regular waves.

If the surf is flat:
Many first –time visitors to Costa Rica plan their vacation around seeing the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area. Its not a surprise why– the views from the hill overlooking Manuel Antonio are spectacular, the beaches inside the park are idyllic, and its jungle is crawling with white-faced and squirrel monkeys, among other forms of exotic wildlife. Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most popular in the country, it’s also one of the smallest, covering fewer than 1,700 acres.

Minutes away is Villa Vanilla, a 61-hector Biodynamic Farm in Villa Nueva where they grow spices, essential oils, medicinal plants, fruits and flowers and offer the only vanilla-growing tour in the country. On the property is a dynamic rainforest with waterfalls, animals and trees over hundreds of years in age.

These twin towns, Quepos and Manuel Antonio, are very popular and busy places, so you will have a chance to enjoy a lot of non-surfing activities. There’s shopping, shopping and more shopping, as well as dining of all varieties, with an abundant nightlife as well..


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